Minister Angelkova and the Chair of the Bulgarian Red Cross discussed texts for amendments to the Water Rescue Ordinance

02 April 2018

It is proposed that the rescue posts are within 150 meters of each other on the beaches outside the national resorts

Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova held a working meeting with the President of the Bulgarian Red Cross, Acad. Hristo Grigorov on the occasion of the joint proposals of the two institutions for amendments to the Ordinance on Water Rescuing Activities and the Safety of Water Areas. Changes are in the process of preparation and the main aim is to update the texts according to the new realities. The current Water Rescue Ordinance was adopted in 1996.

One of the experts' suggestions is that the distance between the rescue posts to be up to 150 meters, except for the beaches in the national resorts for which the requirement so far remains - the posts are up to 100 meters. Another change that has been discussed is that after the adoption of the Ordinance a possibility to be provided also for certified rescuers from other countries to practice their activity in our country.

It is planned that the rescuers will start working from 8.30 am. The experts are definite that the requirements for the necessary mandatory equipment of the rescue stations will be updated to ensure greater opportunities for protection of the life and health of Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

Perhaps there will be sanctions for beach keepers if the rescuers they employ perform activities other than their direct water rescue duties. The reason for this text was the received during the summer signals that rescue workers were engaged in collecting umbrella fees on the beach. These and other changes to the Water Rescue Ordinance will be prepared jointly by the Ministry of Tourism and the Bulgarian Red Cross. Because of the importance of the document on the life and health of tourists it should enter into force as early as this summer season, commented Minister Angelkova and Academician Grigorov.

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