Minister Angelkova at the global conference in Sofia: The establishment and popularization of various tourism products in the regions is a stimulus for their development

17 September 2019

170 Bulgarian municipalities with their history, culture, lifestyle and culinary art are presented in 27 destinations; the digitalization of this product presents them before the world.

”Tourism is a branch policy and depends on all of us – business, state and local authorities. By presenting before the world the natural resources and riches of our country and the various tourim possibilities based on them – historic and cultural, balneo and spa, sport, cognitive, culinary etc, we create the conditions for the economic development of the local municipalities and means of livelihood for the people there.” These were the words of the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova  at a conference on “The Role of the Sustainable Innovative  Tourism  for the Stimulation of the Incorporating Growth, Commerce and Economic Co-operation”, organized by the embassies of the Republic of Indonesia, Republic of Korea and Republic of Turkey in Bulgaria as an initiative of MIKTA. The forum took place in the University of Sofia “S.Sv. Kliment Ohridski”.

“The Ministry of Tourism has established 27 thematic destinations in total, including 8 cultural and historical, 12 wine and culinary and 7 balneo and SPA destinations for the purpose of supporting the local communities by stimulating the interest in the specialized forms of tourism,” said the minister. “About 170 Bulgarian municipalities are included in them. The popularization of various destinations,  every one of which reveals the specifics and culture of the region is of considerable importance to promote growth and economic development. The digitalization of the presented destinations popularizes the uniqueness of each region before the world. All these help for the sustainable development of tourism which the prime minister and the government turned into an economic priority”, said Minister Angelkova and reminded that the sector and its connected activities contributed for the formation of almost 12% of the gross domestic product of Bulgaria and for approximately 11% of the total employment.

“This is the reason why the digitalization in tourism is among the main priorities in our activity as it will turn Bulgaria into a much more attractive destination not only for the foreign tourists but for investors as well. The fast internet connection in our country and our favorable geographic situation contribute for the image of Bulgaria as a sustainable and innovative tourist destination with the potential to stimulate the incorporating growth, commercial and economic cooperation. The policy aiming at the decrease of the administrative burdens in tourism is also in favour of the business and investors. 19 types of documents have already been abolished and all services of the tourist administration can be requested online 24/7 from all parts of the world”, said Minister Angelkova.

She emphasized on the developed National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Tourism and the Action Plan which is part of it. “Our aim is to attract visitors from distant markets such ad China and India, but also to build on our achievements so far. My team and I are working not only to popularize Bulgaria as a destination but to establish a sustainable and high-quality product,” concluded the minister.


MIKTA – Association for cooperation in the sphere of economics, safety, environment preservation and sustainable development, founded during a meeting of the UN as a non-formal structure/platform for negotiations in 2015 from Mexico, the Republic of Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Turkey and Australia.

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