Minister Angelkova had a workshop in Berlin with Adnan Eken, head of cooperation and sponsorship of Schauinsland-Reisen GmbH

08 October 2019

The Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova had a workshop in Berlin with Adnan Eken, head of cooperation and sponsorship, Schauinsland-Reisen GmbH. She is on a working visit in Germany where today she has a number of meetings with regards to the negotiations for season 2020 and the situation in the sector following the bankruptcy of the tour operator Thomas Cook.

During her discussion with Mr Eken, Minister Angelkova said that in view of the current situation and expected challenges in the forthcoming tourist season, the Ministry of Tourism had initiated measures to overcome them by seeking possibilities to increase the number of tourists going to Bulgaria and cooperation for the preparation of season summer 2020. She pointed out that part of the measures was the mechanism to stimulate the organized tourism via advertising which would stimulate the tourist sector in Bulgaria. “With the help of the Bulgarian government, the tourist sector has become a priority and I believe that the state, business and local authorities will manage to overcome the international challenges and crises by acting together”, said the minister.

She also explained that Germany was one of the most important markets for the Bulgarian tourism and that we would do our best to attract even more German tourists to choose our country for their holiday and vacation.

In his turn Adnan Eken thanked minister Angelkova for the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism directing their efforts toward Germany. “Now is the time to act and think for the future”, he concluded.

The data shows that from January to August this year the number of the visitors from Germany to our country amounted to 588 897, and during the summer months from June to August, 469 641 citizens of the Federal Republic spent their holiday in Bulgaria.

Schauinsland-Reisen is a tour operator, established in 1918 with main office in Duisburg, Germany and presently takes 6th place with regards to vacation packages + flights. The total turnover for the company for 2018/2019 is 1.37 billion EUR and the number of the tourists who travelled with the company is 1.64 million. The tour operator has approx. 480 employees in Duisburg and almost 1000 employees around the world. The company offers to its clients vacations and trips to various destinations, including Bulgaria.

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