Minister Angelkova had a workshop with Kreshnik Bekteshi, Minister of Economics of the Republic of North Macedonia

01 October 2019

The Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova had a working meeting with the Minister of Economics of the Republic of North Macedonia, Kreshnik Bekteshi. The two of them discussed possible initiatives which would contribute to the enhancement of the bilateral tourist flow.

 “We are discussing the possible signing of a memorandum in the sphere of tourism as well as the possibilities for the development of common routes for distant markets,” said Minister Angelkova. She added that thus more visitors from Asia and America would be attracted to our region and that  would have a positive impact on the strengthening of the interest toward the Balkans. “Traditionally the visitors from distant countries usually choose to visit 2 or 3 countries within a certain region”, particularized the Minister of Tourism.

The Republic of North Macedonia is among the leading countries for inbound tourism for our country. For the period January – August 2019, our neighbouring country holds the 7th position among the top destinations for most numerous visitors to Bulgaria. More than 376 000 citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia have visited our country during the first 8 months of this year.

Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi supported the idea for the signing of a memorandum and development of common routes for tourism. He also pointed out that over the last years there had been a considerable rise in the number of the foreign tourists to the Republic of North Macedonia, but that there was still unused potential for development in that sphere.

The two ministers indicated their willingness to hold a business forum with the participation  not only of tour operators and tourist associations from both states but also with the participation of companies operating on the distant tourist markets as well as representatives of the local authorities of both countries.

 “The important thing is to present all the products which our countries can offer to the foreign tourists”, said Minister Angelkova. Further to that she also commented on the possibilities of Bulgaria with an emphasis on the summer and winter tourism, cultural and historical tourism, balneo, wine and culinary tourism.

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