Minister Angelkova conversed in Buenos Aires with the president of Emirates Airline, Gary Chapman

20 April 2018

Tourism can contribute to the global economy’s growth because it is a leading sustainability factor. Traditionally, it has been one of the top drivers of welfare and prosperity, developing at accelerated rates in recent years.

Minister Angelkova to Paul Griffith, CEO of Dubai Airport: This summer we are expecting significant growth of international tourists

19 April 2018

This year we are expecting significant growth from all our top generating markets, it is an indicative fact that at the airports of Varna and Bourgas alone, the flights scheduled for the 2018 summer season are nearly 22 more than the flights carri

Minister Angelkova met Peter Fankhauser, CEO of Thomas Cook Group, in Argentina

19 April 2018

„Partnership with large tour operators, such as Thomas Cook, is very important to us and I am happy that it has been yielding such good results over a limited time“.

Minister Angelkova to Cathy Fallon: Bulgaria is an excellent place to invest in tourism

18 April 2018

Bulgaria has a huge potential to develop various types of mass and niche tourism, offering excellent conditions to invest in the sector. This is evidenced by the 25%+ growth of international tourists reported over the last two years.

Minister Angelkova converses with Wei Hongtao, Deputy Chair of China’s National Tourism Administration

17 April 2018

The Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, conversed with Wei Hongtao, Deputy Chair of the National Tourism Administration and member of the ruling party of People’s Republic of China.

Minister Angelkova held a work meeting with her Indian counterpart in Argentina

17 April 2018

Minister Angelkova held a work meeting with Alphons Kanaanthanam, India’s Minister of Electronics, IT, Culture, and Tourism, during the summit meeting of the G20 line ministers, which is held in Buenos Aires.


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